Monster Sweets is a cute puzzle game with funny monsters and levels of various difficulty. With Monster Sweets, players are able to enjoy smooth and colorful gameplay with interesting challenges. The cute cartoon environment and colorful characters that make different sounds and show emotions attract thousands of people and make them play the game. The gameplay allows the player to relax and forget about everything in the world. Thanks to the powerful Unity engine, we are able to present one of the most successful and eye-catching projects. If you have ever wanted to feel like a real monster hunter, you should definitely pay attention to our project! 

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Monster Sweets is a classic swipe-them-together puzzle game with unusual and very cute gameplay that attracts the player from the first minutes and allows the player to kill time. We spent our time, knowledge, and energy on creating this game to the fullest to create a real boom. Monster Sweets has 44 levels with many updates and additions. Each level requires using logic and building strategies. 

The most important feature of Monster Sweets is eye-catching and cute animations, which have a beneficial effect on human perception. We have implemented a simple swipe game mechanic to make the gameplay easier and focus on the characters. The main characters are monsters who have the ability to express vivid emotions. This project is designed for different audiences and age groups. So, let’s summarize all features of the Monster Sweets:

  • 44 interesting game levels;
  • Simple interface, minimalist, and cute design;
  • Bright and sweet characters;
  • Engaging gameplay with the requirement of using logic and the ability to think in advance.


EJAW is an outsourcing game development company with over 10 years of successful career with companies of worldwide popularity. Being able to create a powerful team of advanced specialists, EJAW has become a real professional in creating unimaginable projects. Monster Sweets is one of our released games that has become quite successful and attracts more and more players every day. By releasing this project, we have attracted the best game art development specialists.

Our team is able to come up with a unique game concept and find the best solutions for the client’s desires and needs. Each of the developed games is based on the powerful Unity engine that allows creating smooth gameplay with glitch-free deployment. Thanks to our longtime experience, we are able to meet the expectations and develop any game!