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With over 10 years of experience in the industry of game art design and development, EJAW managed to collect a solid portfolio of different projects. Study our video game art portfolio to see our expertise in multiple areas!

Our studio is at the leading edge of high-quality 3D mobile game development. Leveraging the advanced rendering capabilities of modern mobile devices, we craft visually stunning 3D gaming experiences previously only possible on consoles and PCs.

Through optimized assets and efficient techniques tailored for mobile hardware, our experts build open-world environments brimming with atmosphere. Fluid character animations and cinematic effects further draw players deep into adventure and imagination.

We partner with ambitious developers and publishers seeking to push boundaries and define new standards in graphics, gameplay, and storytelling.

Our 3D Capabilities Span Across Genres:

RPG Games

Transport gamers into mystical lands filled with magic as far as the eye can see. Advanced lighting, particles and textures create immersive fantastical realms awaiting exploration.

Shooter Games

Sharpen combat through ultra-precise controls and robust physics systems that add visceral excitement to weapon handling. Sprawling level topology with dynamic objects make for intense firefights.

Racing Games

Blazing fast frame rates and finely-tuned car physics ignite high adrenaline races down twisting tracks rendered with astonishing detail. Sophisticated collision detection and visual damage modeling heightens realism.

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