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Technical Overview

EJAW offers comprehensive end-to-end mobile game development services at competitive rates. With years of successful work in the mobile game development industry, our 100+ specialists have honed their skills in the creation of unique 2D, 3D, VR/AR projects based on the powerful Unity engine. The success of our mobile games underscores our ability to bring substantial value to our clients in a short timeframe.
2D Game Art
Crafting visually appealing 2D game assets.
3D Game Art
Creating immersive 3D environments and assets.
VR/AR Projects
Designing and developing projects in the realm of virtual and augmented reality.

Key Points

Full-Cycle Development
Full-Cycle Development
We offer complete game development services, from concept to launch.
Experienced Team
Experienced Team
Our 100+ specialists are proficient in various aspects of game development.
Diverse Specializations
Diverse Specializations
We excel in 2D and 3D art, VR/AR projects, and more.
Unity Engine
Unity Engine
Our projects are powered by the robust Unity engine.
We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional value efficiently.
Customizable Game Mechanics
Customizable Game Mechanics
We provide bespoke gameplay design, tailoring mechanics to the unique needs and creative vision of each project for an engaging player experience.
Full-Cycle Development
We offer complete game development services, from concept to launch.
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What is Outstaffing, and how can EJAW assist in this area?
Outstaffing is the process of hiring specialized professionals from our talent pool to augment your game development projects. EJAW provides access to a diverse range of experts who can contribute to your project's success.
What distinguishes EJAW's Outstaffing services in the world of mobile game development?
EJAW's experienced team, proficiency in the Unity engine, and a broad range of specializations make us a top choice for Outstaffing. We provide a flexible and efficient way to enhance your game development initiatives.
What specific areas of game development can I find expertise in through EJAW's Outstaffing services?
EJAW offers professionals skilled in 2D and 3D art, as well as experience in VR/AR projects. You can find specialized expertise to address various aspects of game development.
How quickly can I access talent through EJAW's Outstaffing services?
We prioritize efficiency and can quickly provide access to professionals who can contribute to your project.
Can EJAW handle the full development cycle of my game through Outstaffing?
While our primary focus is on providing specialized talent, we can discuss tailored solutions that align with your project's needs, whether it's for specific phases or full-cycle development.

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