Victory Belles is a browser-mobile RPG game dedicated to the battles of ships of the Second World War that is developing with the help of EJAW and Black Chicken Studios. The game is currently under development, introducing the best features and smooth gameplay. We develop Victory Belles with powerful Unity software, because it allows us to improve the performance, quality of graphics, and bring the project to the rise in popularity. 

The point of the game is to get all the navies together to defeat the worst enemy. Destroyers, cruisers, and aircraft carriers in the game have the form of pretty girls, whose long legs grow out of the Japanese anime traditions. Marine battles are held from the Aleutian Islands to the coasts of West Africa. 


While developing the game together with Black Chicken Studios, we try to use all our skills and capabilities to the fullest in order to impress a potential player and bring a good income for the company. With a little capital, we have the opportunity to create an amazing game that is under development now, and it has the following features:

  • 7 parties to the conflict (USA, Germany, USSR, Great Britain, France, Japan, and Italy);
  • 120 heroines linked to real-life warships;
  • Authentic voice acting – the voices of the ship girls sound in their native languages, with the help of professional anime experts;
  • The engaging game storyline and interesting gameplay.

By the way, the plot of the game is close to the plot of the famous TV series “Naval Collection”. The power of war has never been so attractive as it is now!

Available for PC, Mac, Linux, and iOS, we expect increased interest from players and a real boom of fans of military history. With the help of our well-reputed experts in the game development industry, players can enjoy great gameplay with cute anime girls and unique turn-based combat.


Black Chicken Studios is a game development company headquartered in the United States. For the last several years, the company has launched some interesting projects such as Academagia, Scheherazade, Holdfast, and develops the Victory Belles now. Our 2D RPG game is expected to be successful in today’s world. With the help of Black Chicken Studios, we are able to satisfy players’ needs and impress them with interesting gameplay, cute characters, girl warships, and a significant historical storyline.