eJaw – Victory Belles Case Study

Victory Belles is a genre-blending tactical RPG that brings the naval warfare of World War II to life through a vibrant anime art style. Developed in a collaborative effort between eJaw and Black Chicken Studios, the game offers an ambitious mashup of elements that is turning heads.

Game Overview

At its core, Victory Belles is a strategic combat game that lets players command fleets of anthropomorphized World War II warships depicted as charming anime-styled “ship girls.” Players will recruit over 120 of these heroines linked to real historical vessels across 7 nation navies including the US, Germany, USSR, Britain, France, Japan, and Italy. This collaborative project between eJaw and Black Chicken Studios blends military history, anime art style, and strategic gameplay for an unforgettable experience:

Engaging Premise
– Take command of a fleet of anthropomorphized World War II warships represented as pretty anime-styled “ship girls”
– Recruit over 120 heroines linked to real historical vessels across 7 nation navies
– Relive iconic battles from the Aleutian Islands to the coasts of West Africa.

Innovative Gameplay
– Strategic turn-based combat mechanics put you in control of ship positioning and firing maneuvers
– Authentic voice acting with ship girls speaking their native languages
– Upgrade abilities, weapons, and more to build an unstoppable naval force.

High Production Values
– Combining the power of the Unity engine with stunning 2D anime art
– Highly polished graphics, animations, visual effects, and sound
– Engrossing overarching storyline and deep lore drawing from historical events.

– Currently in development for PC, Mac, Linux and iOS for widespread availability.


Case Development Approach

From concept to launch, Victory Belles is being developed leveraging eJaw and Black Chicken’s combined expertise:

1. IP Creation – The two studios collaborated to create the game’s innovative moe-military crossover premise and vision.

2. Vertical Slice – An initial prototype level showcased the core gameplay loop, art style, and combat mechanics.

3. Pre-Production – With the vertical slice as a foundation, full design documentation and production plans were created.

4. Asset Creation – Artists began crafting the wide range of environments, characters, VFX, animations and more assets required.

5. Engineering – Engineers built out gameplay systems like combat, UI, economy, progression and ported the Unity-based project to all platforms.

6. Voice Acting – Professional voiceover talents were cast to authentically bring the international cast of ship girls to life.

7. Quality Assurance – Rigorous testing and polishing to uphold the exemplary visual and gameplay quality bar.

Overcoming Challenges

Cultural Fusion – Melding themes of World War II history and military warfare with a lighthearted moe anime art style required a deft creative touch.

Ambitious Scope – With over 120 fully-voiced characters across multiple nations and many combat scenarios/battles, the content scope is massive.

Strategic Depth – Designing a deep yet accessible turn-based naval combat system with nuanced mechanics like positioning and trajectory planning.

Quality Targets – Achieving AAA visual quality and technical performance across all platforms including mobile.

Projected Value

For Black Chicken Studios as the publisher, eJaw’s partnership on Victory Belles ensures:

Standout IP – An utterly unique game premise with massive cross-genre appeal to both anime fans and military history buffs.

Technical Mastery – eJaw’s proven game engineering expertise, especially in multiplatform development using Unity.

Exceptional Quality – Best-in-class visuals, audio, gameplay and narrative quality that elevates Victory Belles above typical indie games.

Marketing Support – eJaw’s full marketing capabilities to promote and monetize the game at launch and ongoing via live services.

Victory Belles aims to shatter expectations by transcending its anime-military niche concept with a compelling core game experience. With eJaw’s development muscle and passion for quality, this ambitious title is primed to find breakout success and potentially spark a major new multimedia franchise upon release.


Black Chicken Studios is a game development company headquartered in the United States. For the last several years, the company has launched some interesting projects such as Academagia, Scheherazade, Holdfast, and develops the Victory Belles now. Our 2D RPG game is expected to be successful in today’s world. With the help of Black Chicken Studios, we are able to satisfy players’ needs and impress them with interesting gameplay, cute characters, girl warships, and a significant historical storyline.