“Retro Royale” is an addictive multiplayer game developed by the team behind the popular Clash Royale. In this game, you battle other players in the Arena using familiar characters from the world of Clash. Princes, dragons, knights and other characters are present and your task is to destroy the king who is your opponent.
“Retro Royale” is the continuation of the successful series of games from the Clash Royale team, offering players new multiplayer challenges, new arenas and the chance to meet their favorite characters in a stylized retro setting.




  • Multiplayer Battles: Exciting duels with other players in exciting Arenas await you.
  • Clash Universe Characters: Use familiar and favorite characters from the Clash world such as princes, dragons and knights.
  • Strategic Battles: Develop a skillful strategy to destroy the king, your main opponent in the game.
  • Free Play: “Retro Royale” is available for free, offering an engaging experience without the need for an entry fee.