Dance The Rhythm Game is an arcade game based on music and rhythms with interesting gameplay and clear content. If you have ever wanted to feel like a star on the dance floor and perform every move perfectly, you have a good opportunity to test your skills. Together with Dance The Rhythm Game, you can enjoy smooth and glitch-free gameplay, as well as chat with other players in a virtual dance world. Join us and play with your friends to feel the game to the fullest!

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The Rhythm Game features a wide selection of characters to level up and each of them has rhythmic and expressive body movements that increase the chances of winning. To get to the rhythm, the player only needs to swipe and move objects, and the characters will dance. This game trains the player’s alertness and reaction when performing movements. A pleasant gaming atmosphere is created with the help of music that will surely please all music lovers. Your main goal in Dance the Rhythm Game is to show your skills and become the best dancer! 

We gave the characters the ability to move elegantly and smoothly. For the best player experience, we have created a real city with a huge number of possibilities, which is similar to the real world and is full of other players. Dance the Rhythm Game features two modes, Dance Story and Social Hub. 

At first, beginners have the opportunity to play solo and to visit the Dance Library. If the player reaches a certain level, his opportunities will expand. All available characters are well-designed and attract players’ attention. Thanks to the powerful Unity engine, our released game has rich visual effects and interesting gameplay!


Saber Interactive is a game development company of worldwide popularity that has been working in the game industry for over 20 years. The most popular Saber Interactive games are Halo Online, the NBA Playground, and Dance The Rhythm Game, which EJAW contributed to. Saber has grown into the largest manufacturer of interactive games in Russia and Eastern Europe, while remaining one of the few independent studios producing AAA games.

The company’s activities include the development of gaming technologies, content, and casino games. Rich experience in creating high-quality games allowed the company to work on the best projects!