My Kingdom’s Fall is a PvP multiplayer card game that is available only for beta testers now. This game is under development process with the help of EJAW and YARKI outsourcing companies. My Kingdom’s Fall is a great example of a match-3 game available for iOS, Android, and PC. Using all possibilities of the Unity engine, we are ready to launch a real boom with excellent graphics and engaging gameplay. Our new project is able to impress potential players from the fight sight, because of the interesting challenges and attractive game design. 


We have introduced straightforward game mechanics and control to allow players to play without any skills and enjoy simple gameplay. One of the main things is to make the gameplay smoother, so we tried to introduce the glitch-free deployment and improve the performance of the game. Thanks to Yarki Studio’s excellent and advanced specialists, we are able to meet player’s expectations and follow their needs in addictive and colorful gameplay, funny characters, as well as pleasant visual effects. 

My Kingdom’s Fall is a quality animated game with soft monetization and an interesting concept. We try to take into account all the needs of the players and put ourselves in their place in order to better understand their desires. For this, we have launched a beta server and keep success. In this game, players will see real top-notch quality game art. 


Yarki Studio is a Ukrainian game development company with a powerful team of dedicated game specialists and the ability to satisfy client’s with all their wishes and meet deadlines. This company develops funny animated games for kids and other age categories. Having dozens of developed projects behind their back, Yarki Studio is a quality outsourcing game company that provides excellent services and always satisfies client’s desires. 

While developing My Kingdom’s Fall, Yarki Studio and EJAW have invested the maximum amount of effort and time to launch the beta test and create a steep boom in the future. For this, we have tried to make appropriate music that maintains the atmosphere, as well as the best animations and colors. Thanks to our valuable experience, we can create such wonderful projects as My Kingdom’s Fall!