My Kingdom’s Fall is a PvP multiplayer card game that is available only for beta testers now. This game is under development process with the help of EJAW and YARKI outsourcing companies. My Kingdom’s Fall is a great example of a match-3 game available for iOS, Android, and PC. Using all possibilities of the Unity engine, we are ready to launch a real boom with excellent graphics and engaging gameplay. Our new project is able to impress potential players from the fight sight, because of the interesting challenges and attractive game design.

Development Steps:

  1. Concept and design of the game’s world, characters, and match-3 card gameplay
  2. Building the game engine and framework in Unity
  3. Creating high-quality graphics, animations, and visual effects
  4. Integrating PvP multiplayer functionality
  5. Launching a beta testing phase to gather feedback


  • Developing a unique and compelling match-3 card battle system
  • Optimizing graphics and performance for smooth gameplay across devices
  • Implementing a fair and balanced PvP multiplayer mode
  • Designing an engaging world and characters that appeal to players

Value of My Kingdom’s Fall:

  • Simple and accessible gameplay that doesn’t require high skills
  • Addictive and colorful match-3 battles with funny characters
  • Glitch-free performance thanks to optimization efforts
  • Top-notch quality art, animations, and visual effects
  • Soft monetization model to avoid excessive in-app purchases

Who is Involved: YARKI Studio – A Ukrainian game development company providing specialists in game design, art, programming, and quality assurance. They have experience developing animated games across age groups.

EJAW – Likely the company overseeing and managing the overall game project, working alongside YARKI Studio.

The two companies have invested significant time and effort into playtesting, optimizing the core gameplay loop, and creating an atmospheric world to achieve a successful future launch of My Kingdom’s Fall.