The game industry develops quickly and new technologies appear constantly. Every year game developers come up with new ideas and make their irreplaceable investment in gaming. Due to quarantine restrictions, a lot has changed since 2021-2022: people began to spend more time at home and, of course, video games were the only entertainment.

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Such a world situation has given a great impact on the gaming industry. More and more interesting game ideas began to appear that were invented by developers to amuse people. In this way, gaming began to develop faster, there were more users, and the developers earned twice. Although quarantine restrictions decrease, people continue to spend a lot of time at a computer, console, or phone, because the last two years have changed the lives of millions of people.

Since game development is actively developing now, we want to tell you about the game design trends in 2024. Today’s article is going to be interesting for many gamers.


As we already mentioned above, the game industry quickly evolves and developers have a chance to earn a lot. The industry’s total revenue for 2022 was $204 billion, up 17% from 2021. Analysts believe that game sales will increase by 2024 and total revenue will be more than $230 billion.

For 2023, the top three most popular games by the number of downloads were Garena Free Fire (290 million), Among Us (270 million), and Subway Surfers (245 million). We expected the continued increase in popularity of these games. Today, India is the only country with such a high rate of game downloads – about 10 billion. In 2024, these statistics are expected to remain the same.

The most popular game for 2023 is Elden Ring. More than 1.5 billion zlotys were spent on the creation of this game. The development of Elden Ring began back in 2017 and many people have waited for this game for years. We expect the developers will release additional content for Elden Ring in 2024 to further expand the world.

Generally, we expect to get more and more affordable and quality games with perfect graphics and interesting gameplay for 2024. In the new year, augmented reality and virtual reality games will become more mainstream.

Today, games are no longer just entertainment – they are becoming a new platform for communication, earnings, transforming business, the education system and gradually blurring the border between virtuality and the real. We have divided today’s trends into three sections because there are a lot of them.


Some of the most popular classic game genres will see a resurgence in 2024 as they are reimagined and revitalized by new technologies.

MOBA games like League of Legends and Dota 2 will likely receive augmented reality upgrades. Imagine seeing your hero battling in your own backyard as you guide them to destroy the enemy base. This more immersive experience can take MOBA gaming to the next level.

The MMORPG genre will benefit greatly from advancements in virtual reality. Exploring expansive fantasy worlds like World of Warcraft in a fully realized VR setting makes it feel like you are transported inside the game. Visuals and audio will be more realistic to boost the sense of presence.

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Battle royale titles have already conquered the gaming world in recent years. But the battle royale in VR format is still in its early stages. We expect games like Fortnite and PUBG to receive high-budget VR versions, finally allowing fans to feel like they are on the battleground with a real sense of scale and depth.

The rise of VR casinos and advanced simulations can further push gambling games into the mainstream. With realistic environments and the ability to interact with others, online gambling can mimic the experience of being in Las Vegas. These immersive environments may open gambling games to new demographics of users.


The trends in formats change every year. There are two trends to highlight this year: streaming and rising augmented/virtual reality games popularity.

The Rise of Augmented/Virtual Reality Gaming

The AR and VR gaming industry is poised to take off over the next few years. By 2024, over 15 million gamers are expected to use VR hardware, fueled by advancements in graphics, processing power, and 5G connectivity. Leading platforms like the PSVR 2 and Oculus Quest 3 will offer rich premium VR experiences as the technology becomes more mainstream.

Additionally, augmented reality will expand games into the real world using mobile devices and wearables. Pokémon Go demonstrated the possibilities of meshing gaming with physical spaces. Future AR titles will leverage improved hardware capabilities and environmental mapping to blend digital gameplay with reality in new ways. The versatility of AR gaming also allows for quick sessions during everyday life.

As VR and AR mature, studios are creating more full-fledged games around these formats. Titles like Horizon Call of the Mountain and Minecraft AR represent early steps toward the creative potential. Over time, gameplay mechanics will be tailored around mixed reality to pioneer new directions in the medium.

Streaming Continues to Rise

Game streaming will also pick up steam as 5G networks roll out more broadly. Industry leaders Twitch and YouTube Gaming continue monopolizing the landscape, but competitors like Facebook Gaming are vying for market share. Streamers can potentially use VR cameras to allow viewers to feel present and engage with content in 3D spaces.

Overall, expect game streaming to further permeate gaming culture in 2024. Watching skilled gamers instructs casual players to improve their skills. The best players can also build their personal brands and profit from viewer donations. This symbiotic relationship will cement streaming as an essential part of the gaming community moving forward.

More Complex Storytelling

As gaming matures as an artistic medium, studios are investing in cinematic narratives on par with movies and TV shows. Cinematic techniques, intricate dialogue trees, and film-quality visuals are lifting storytelling to new heights. Expect complex plotlines with moral ambiguity rather than simplistic good versus evil dichotomies. This allows exploring thought-provoking themes about the human condition more profoundly through interactivity.

Titles like The Last of Us, renowned for its filmic approach, represent the possibilities as resources flow into narrative-focused projects. The result by 2024 will be stories traversing challenging themes with realism and nuance previously unseen.

More Female Lead Characters

Alongside narrative evolution, female protagonists are finally claiming more leading roles historically reserved for male characters. Studios recognize the diverse demographics playing games today. Hits like Horizon Zero Dawn and The Last of Us Part II where women helm the story reflect shifting attitudes.

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Expect more titles in 2024 spotlighting layered, tough female leads that draw more gender balance into the historically male-dominated medium. Complex heroines rather than one-dimensional stereotypes will provide compelling experiences reflecting the diversity of players themselves. This inclusive direction aligns gaming with other entertainment sectors emphasizing representation.


There are several trends worth highlighting: cloud and cross-platform gaming, blockchain, 5G connectivity and continued improvements for AR/VR.

Cloud & Cross-Platform Gaming

Cloud gaming services continue maturing, leveraging 5G connectivity for low-latency game streaming. Players can experience cutting-edge titles on basic hardware by tapping into remote servers that handle processing and rendering.

And major cross-platform games now release on consoles, PC, and mobile from day one. Supporting play across all devices is pivotal for publishers to maximize reach. Cross-progression also allows gamers to continue their adventure on another platform seamlessly.

Blockchain & Digital Ownership

Blockchain integration aims to revolutionize digital ownership and stabilize in-game economies. Tokens and cryptocurrency give players true possession of rare digital assets that can be traded outside games via secure decentralized ledgers.

Additionally, the transparency of blockchain verifies the scarcity and provenance of these items. While still in its nascent stages, immutable records of digital products can provide peace of mind against hacking, duplication, and black markets.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

The relentless improvement curve for AR & VR hardware will further close the gap to immersive simulations. Upgraded displays, processing units, battery efficiency and 5G allow for longer high-fidelity sessions.

And increased comfort from ergonomic industrial design reduces motion sickness and fatigue. As costs lower over time, AR & VR gaming moves closer to the elusive goal of feeling presence inside virtual worlds through various sensory channels. Gamers get their first true taste of stepping into their favorite games.


Starting with juggernaut follow-ups, Grand Theft Auto VI constitutes one of gaming’s most seismic events. Details remain heavily guarded as Rockstar Games works toward this presumed 2024 launch. But fans eagerly await news revealing Vice City’s sprawling upgrade to modern graphical standards with Rockstar’s trademark satirical writing updated for contemporary sociopolitical themes. Beyond expanding into further cities over time, GTA Online also transitions into GTA VI as the live service cash cow gets primed for a new decade of supporting content.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 transports players back to Hyrule with a darker tone suggesting the land faces graver threats. Link again confronts encroaching calamity wielding expanded abilities and equipment options offering greater combat expressions against enemy forces upending known terrain dynamics. But the biggest change comes for VR-enabled platforms allowing a faithful first-person view granting stronger life to the fantasy realm through enhanced immersion only magnifying Nintendo’s creative wizardry honed over decades.

The VR treatment also applies to the PSVR 2 launch title Horizon Call of the Mountain as Guerrilla Games’ American post-post apocalypse veers into uncharted territory anchored around skilled warrior Ryas. Trading Aloy’s bow for sharp climbing axes better suited to new vertical traversal gameplay, the adventure boasts stunning vistas as detailed environments stretch farther uninhibited by standard display boundaries. VR presence heightens emotional investment in a series cherishing its message about protecting nature from uninhibited technological escalation destroying society once already.

Finally, Star Citizen perhaps represents gaming’s longest-gestating enigma as Chris Roberts’ initial vision from 2012 expanded exponentially in scope years over deadline. 2024 expectations hinge on tangible delivery sustaining backer faith and funds continually pouring into the ever-ballooning project nearing half-a-billion dollars raised. Promising 100 star systems still seems implausible. But more stable server tech and the single-player Squadron 42 campaign could reinvigorate excitement if respective launches stick reasonably close to hopes instead of perpetual feature creep dissolution. At some point, Star Citizen must translate promises into playable products justifying monumental crowdfunding records.

Alongside the above heavy hitters, gamers can expect strong showings from Elden Ring DLC, a new Nintendo Switch model, the next Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed in feudal Japan, Final Fantasy XVI, Hogwarts Legacy, and a slate of inventive indies pushing creative boundaries. Whether through visual marvels or experimental mechanics, 2024 aims to open new dimensions for interactive entertainment.


The game industry continues developing rapidly with no signs of slowing down. Virtual and augmented reality gaming will approach mainstream viability thanks to incremental technological improvements, setting the stage for even more immersive experiences. Combined with 5G and blockchain integration, the table is set for transformative shifts in how games are developed, published and played. Both hardcore gamers and casual players have much to look forward to next year and beyond!