Every year art evolves and people make discoveries that allow us to create anything thanks to computer technology. One of the most important directions is 3D art. Such animations are found both in films, advertisements, and, of course, computer games. 

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With the development of computer technology, 3D graphics have become more dynamic. This digital art has become the most popular among all types of animation. If you decide to get interested in 3D animation, today’s article can be useful for you. 

Application of 3D Modeling

3D modeling has become a part of our daily life. It is used in the marketing, architecture, design, and entertainment industries. A high-quality image can attract attention and the better it looks, the more success.

  1. Animation. Creation of three-dimensional characters for cartoons and computer video games. 3D modeling allows you to create three-dimensional landscapes, animated characters, and models of 3D heroes;
  1. Marketing an advertisement. 3D objects are an important part of a beautiful image in advertising. The perfect colors and shape of the product attract attention to it, forcing it to buy;
  1. Industry. Each complex detail is completed according to a ready-made and well-thought-out 3D model;
  1. Architecture and design. 3D modeling of buildings and objects is indispensable in modern design because all houses are built according to the computer model. 

The Main Steps of Creating the 3D Object

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So let’s start simple. 3D art is the process of creating moving objects in three-dimensional space. This repeats the laws of physics and we can observe objects that behave as in reality. There is not only width and height but also depth, which is not possible to create with a 2D style.

3D animation is the result of placing and manipulating characters and objects in three-dimensional space and creating the illusion of movement. The main goal of 3D animation is to create the most realistic movement of objects.

Working with 3D objects requires special knowledge and skills that can’t be obtained in a short time. Digital art skills are the result of your efforts and hours lost at work. 

  1. Modeling

The first step of creating a 3D object is modeling. At this stage, you should use such 3D modeling techniques as extrusion, rotation, or polygonal modeling. All you need is to create an image of a realistic or unrealistic character. You can create your original model by simple basics of art and drawing. Details, shadows, and natural colors add an even more realistic look. You can create your drawing anywhere: from Photoshop to a graphic tablet. Many game developers hire artists to create a unique three-dimensional character. Also, high-quality 3D sketches can be 3D rendered later. Modeling is the basic step to get your object animated. 

  1. Texturing  

The second step is also known as mapping. The degree of realism of the model is directly dependent on the selected materials when applying textures to the object. A texture is a bitmap that superimposes a polygon model to give it depth, color, and texture. Therefore, the created image can’t be 3D without performing this step. It adds a more realistic look to an image by creating such details as wrinkles and shadows. Textile determines the quality of surface texturing. It is the number of pixels per texture unit. Image format and resolution are the determining factors in 3D graphics.

  1. Setting up Lighting and Observation Point 

A rather difficult stage in the development of a 3D model. The degree of realism of the model directly depends on how accurately and correctly the light, the indicators of brightness, depth of shadows, and sharpness are exposed. You need the ability to observe objects in reality and know how the shadow falls

  1. Rendering and 3D Visualization

It is the final stage of creating a 3D model. Rendering allows you to get a finished image of a three-dimensional model in a “flat” version. Its essence is in detailing the settings for displaying a three-dimensional model, as well as in adding graphic special effects, for example, fog, glare, shine, etc. These details give an image a more realistic look. At this stage, the settings for three-dimensional visualization are also detailed and refined. Rendering can take from several minutes to tens of hours, depending on the complexity of the object and the quality of the resulting images you want. 


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This is an optional step because you can leave the 3D image without any animation. If you want to give life to the object, you should know about 3D animation types.

3D Computer Animation 

3D animation technologies have a lot in common with stop motion animation types, because they follow a frame-based approach. However, the implementation of tasks in 3D is more manageable, because it is in the digital field. Instead of drawing a character or creating one from clay in 3D animation, the object is created digitally. 

  • Animation by keyframes. It is the most common way to create a 3D animation. It is an animation made up of many short segments. Each segment in the animation represents a start, an end, and a gap. After launching, the animation goes from one value to another. Changing the parameters of an effect over time is a very useful and sometimes necessary property;
  • Motion path animation. In motion, path animation objects can move along any specified path. You set the start and endpoints, then the program adjusts the trajectory on its own;
  • Motion capture animation. It is also called mocap. Motion capture is a method of digitizing the movements of a person or animal, using it for analysis and creation of animation. Film and game companies are using this technology to transform the movements of real actors into animation and bring virtual characters to life;

Types of 3D Modeling 

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The field of 3D modeling is endless today, and every day new areas of its application appear. You can read about the most popular types of 3D modeling below.

Polygonal Modeling

Polygon modeling is low-level modeling that allows you to render an object using a polygonal mesh. Several sub-objects define polygonal mesh: vertex, edges, faces, and polygons. You need to work with sub-objects to create a three-dimensional model of an object. You can change their scale and shape, rotate, combine and divide, as well as apply other operations that allow special computer programs.


The main method for creating 3d sculptures is to deform parts of a 3D model by creating a concavity or convexity with a virtual brush. This is the same clay modeling but in the virtual world. You can layer clay, change its shape and get an unrealistically beautiful 3D object. 

NURBS Modeling

It is a special technology designed to create fluid organic shapes and patterns, based on the complex mathematical apparatus. In total, there are about 1,500 equations to describe all geometric elements, from the simplest curves to complex surfaces. This type of modeling is challenging and requires certain skills. 

Box Modeling

Box modeling is a 3D modeling method that involves using different shapes such as a box, cylinder, sphere, and others to create the final model. After creating the basic shape you can start to create a final object by sculpting. Box modeling uses step-by-step instructions to get to the final product that makes the modeling process easier and more effective. 

The block model consists of blocks of a certain size. At the core of the block is the centroid, where all the data is stored in the form of attributes, such as content and density.  All informational data is located here. 

Image-based Modeling

Image-based modeling is a mechanism of using 2D images to create a three-dimensional model. This method is always easier because we have a photo example, based on which a 3D model will be created later. 

There are two options that provide volumetric models of objects based on two-dimensional images. The first allows you to create three-dimensional models that have the illusion of being 3D, but they are not in reality. The second way provides the creation of a real 3D model that can be exported to popular 3D formats and processed in 3D modeling programs. Such models can be exported to the Java Applet if you want. 

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That’s all for now. As you can see, modeling is used everywhere today: from simple videos on YouTube to films of world popularity. The process of creating a 3D object is not simple and requires special skills. It can be used later to create a real model with the help of a 3D printer or just to decorate the video game. We hope today’s article was useful to you and helped you to understand 3D art and its types.