Video ads no longer get as much attention from users as before. All people are used to regular commercials and rarely want to watch them. Playable ads replaced old-fashioned types of product promotion. This is a relatively new technology and marketing technique that people are quickly taking notice of. Of course, developing playable ads examples can be time-consuming and require the work of a full-fledged team – scriptwriters, developers, designers, illustrators, and motion designers. 

playable ads

Playable ads for Facebook and TikTok provide users with interactive gameplay and demonstrate a demo version of the game. There is a call to action at the end of these ads (usually, install the app). Playable ads TikTok usually last up to 1 minute. The most important thing is that users like them and quickly pay attention to them. They provide an enjoyable advertising experience while showing what the advertised app actually looks like and fully engaging and intriguing users. 

In order to create a playable ad, you first need to come up with an interesting concept and understand what stages of its development are there. In today’s article, you will learn more about playable mobile ads and understand why you should choose them. Let’s go to find out what are playable ads! 

How Do Playable Ads Work?

Playable ads are a great way to reach your audience of players or make it wider. This type of product promotion allows players to learn more about the gameplay, feel the atmosphere, and learn about its main idea. When people watch a HTML playable ad, they become a part of the project and they are able to understand its main idea. The introduction of interactive interaction allows users to feel the game to the fullest in a few seconds. There are 3 components of a playable game, and we’ll cover each of them below.

Game Tutorial 

People don’t like hard-to-understand ads. The main feature of HTML5 playable ads is the ability to reveal the idea of ​​the game in 3-4 seconds, no more. Short instructions introduce the player to the demo version of the game. The user should understand that this is an interactive advertisement for the first seconds. It should be interactive with an intuitive design and doesn’t require too much action. Pangle playable ads should tell users about the gameplay in as much detail as possible. You should use the best project advantages to interest the audience. 


playable ads

The main purpose of interactive advertisement is to allow the player to feel the gameplay of the game and its features. One of the main rules is to make interactive interactions in advertising not very difficult but also not very easy. You need to adhere to the middle ground. After 10-20 seconds, users should understand if they want to install the app and keep playing. If the ad is successful and makes the interest of a potential user, he will want to continue playing and download it. In this case, you have a high chance of success.

End Card

In this stage, Facebook playable ads show a clear call-to-action (CTA) – that allows the user to install the application or take some other further action. In playable ads, it is very important to encourage the player to download the game. The most important thing is to generate enough interest from the player so that he wants to install the game.

If you give the person the choice to exit the ad or download the game after watching a really useful interactive ad, your chances of success will be much higher. When we do not force the user to do something, we give him a choice, the results are always better for the advertiser. This makes sure that the users feel control and their game is positive.

Why Playable Ads?

The format allows you to show to people the main functions of the game before installing it. The game’s demo version presented in a playable advertisement allows the player to feel the game’s atmosphere and explore its design. Playable ads engage the users and make them more likely to use them later. 

By the way, almost all people have a negative attitude towards video advertisements, which are already boring to everyone. Interactive advertising is a new marketing technique that allows you to attract more people to the project and gain a large audience. We distinguish the following consequences of interactive advertising:

playable ads

  • One of the main indicators of application success is growing – LTV (lifetime value);
  • The number of application uninstallations is reduced;
  • The percentage of regular users is increasing.

With the help of TikTok playable ads, the user can test the game before installing it. This allows you to attract truly valuable users who will not leave after the first installation. They already know what to expect from the app and they are more promising than those who just found the game in the App Store. In this way, you can remove those who don’t like the application and make the statistics more positive.

Why You Can’t Create Successful Playable Ads?

Interactive advertising can be very beneficial if used and configured correctly. Since this type of product promotion is quite new, many advertisers misuse it and make gross mistakes that spoil users’ interest. Incorrect advertising can hinder the achievement of goals and the advertiser will lose money and opportunities. To make the job of publishers, developers, and advertisers easier, we’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes.

  1. Loss of the end goal. Playable interactive advertising allows you to make any of your wishes come true. Very often advertisers are so interested in the possibilities of interactive advertising that they forget about the ultimate goal and go about their own desires. As a result, advertisement turns out to be ineffective, blurry, and inoperative.
  1. Poor optimization of the first user experience. Successfully working playable ads load as quickly as possible, and every extra kilobyte of creativity is important. It is necessary to get rid of non-essential functions and animation in loading screens, going straight to work. This will help guide users to take action. If you have implemented incomprehensible instructions or slow loading of interactive ads, you have a great chance of failure.
  1. Poorly optimized final message for users. A very important point is the last message. An improperly prepared message doesn’t interest people. The appearance of one boring window on the screen will drop your CTR. You don’t need to save time and money to create an effective message. It is necessary to carefully test each individual element by analyzing the design of buttons, text, splash screens, and animations.
  1. Small budget. As we said above, interactive advertising requires the work of different specialists. A poorly calculated budget can affect the end result. Try to take into account all aspects of developing a playable ad in advance so that you will not be left with anything later. It is not worth saving on good advertising, because if you create an effective version of it, all your investments will be returned.

Useful Tips For Successful Playable Advertisement 

Keep Ads Shorten

The gameplay in advertising should not take a long time for the user, otherwise, he will not reach the final block. The recommended advertising duration is no more than one minute. Try to keep all relevant information as short as possible. Users don’t like to waste their time on unnecessary information.

Give Users a Choice

The user should always be able to close the advertisement. It will be the best decision to make a cross in the corner. Its absence spoils the reliability of your project and can be annoying. 

Keep Your Best Features 

Keep your Ironsource playable ad stand out from the crowd. In order to determine the best features of your product, you should think about what is unusual about it and make a list of 2-3 points. Playable ads should be short and include all the best features of your game to show the potential users that you can entertain them.

Where To Find Playable Ads Development Services?

Playable advertising is a relatively new marketing technique. This method develops every day and becomes more and more popular because it gives advertisers positive results. However, not all companies can make your plans come true. The choice of a playable game development service must be approached very carefully.

EJAW is an outsourcing playable ads development company with over 10 years of successful career in advertising activity. Our valued specialists have a high reputation and are able to follow all the latest advertising trends. We are able to breathe life into your ideas and reach your target audience. Be sure that all investments will be returned in the shortest time.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, playable advertisement is gradually replacing ordinary advertising banners that people are already tired of and that are not as effective as before. Interactive ads allow people to feel the game atmosphere and gameplay. The demo version of the game interests players and makes them download the app. Try to avoid all the mistakes that we described above and follow our tips to create an effective playable advertisement. And, of course, join the EJAW company to reach your goals!