When it comes to game development, you need to know about all the 3D and 2D details to choose the correct one. The difference between 2D and 3D is colossal. Although new technologies are gradually replacing 2D, it is still popular. 

There are advantages and disadvantages of each dimension and these graphic styles are used in games in different ways. Let’s try to analyze and compare 2D and 3D perception. 

The Main 3D and 2D Features 

2D games have only two axes of motion. Usually, these are “flat” games in which you can move left and right, as well as up and down. Since they don’t have a lot of opportunities, 2D games are often simpler than their 3D counterparts. 

The 3D has depth and volume. Therefore, games with such graphics offer you much more options. The player can flip 360 degrees and feel like in the real world. 


Each sprite in 2D has X / Y coordinates that define its location. Sprites in a 2D world can’t react to the environment and can only have a few preset animations. Animations in the 3D world have a much more complex mechanism. Elements such as light and sound can behave in the same way as in real life.

Many 3D games allow you to fully explore the space, which makes the game even more interesting. 2D games show us only one side of the game, the human brain comes up with the rest of the environment. 


One of the biggest differences is the perspective of the camera. In many 3D games, you can move the camera and see the game world from different angles. 2D games have start and endpoints. Objects in this dimension (often called sprites) have their exact coordinates, which can’t be changed. The camera in 2D games is also greatly simplified. It usually looks from the side;


3D games have a more pronounced and bright interface that makes playing fun. Focusing on the appearance of the world around you is the most important part of a 3D game. Textures should be perfect and colors should be saturated. 

2D games don’t focus on landscape and quality of saturation. Such games usually relax and distract from the world without creating difficulties. 

Benefits of Using the 2D and 3D 

When it comes to choosing the correct dimension, you should realize the benefits of using 2D and 3D. Let’s go to find out the main advantages of them to learn about their best areas of application.

Advantages of 2D:

  • The simplicity of 2D gameplay is its main feature. Since 2D games only exist in two flats, they are the best options for simpler games;
  • You won’t surprise anyone with a 2D game, but you also don’t need to bother about the development of such a game, as well as feature updates.

Advantages of 3D:

  • A wide range of possibilities, therefore, more interesting gameplay;
  • The ability to create objects that will react to the player. The color palette is very bright, all objects are eye-catching and visually look cool;
  • The opportunity to feel like in reality with a camera that flips 360 degrees. Such gameplay will not make players bored.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a 2D or 3D Game?

There is no difference in price for the development of a 2D or 3D game. There is also no correct answer to how much it costs to develop a game because the functionality of each game is different. Only you choose what opportunities are provided in the game and how much they cost. 

Remember that game development will be successful if the idea of ​​your game is interesting and unusual. Of course, creating an original game may cost a lot, but money will be back soon. 

Cyberpunk 2077 spent about $121 million in development and developers of Angry Birds spent $100,000. Both projects are successful and popular all around the world. 

Popular Genres of 2D Games

2D games are well suited for simpler games. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones.

  1. Platform game. Platformers are one of the most common types of 2D games that are considered classic. Your goal is usually to reach the end of each level, running and jumping in two dimensions;
  1. Fighting game. Although there are 3D fighting games, classic fighting games have appeared in 2D. In these games, you have to compete in an arena where you can only move forward / backward and jump;
  1. Puzzle game. Popular games such as Candy Crush work on a 2D version, since there are no objects that could be in 3D. 

Popular Genres of 3D Games

  1. First-person shooter. Since first-person shooters rely on the fact that you are looking at someone holding a pistol, they only really make sense in 3D, where you can move in realistic space. This genre became popular in 1993 when Doom appeared;
  1. Racing games. Racing games in 2D format are completely uncomfortable, which is why they are popular in 3D. Excellent graphics and convenient controls make the player play for hours;
  1. Hack and slash. A game in this genre involves hand-to-hand combat and with a group of people. An example would be the game Devil May Cry.

The Best Places for Development 3D/2D Game

Many constructors help you create your own game. Each constructor has its characteristics, functionality, and purpose. There is a list of the best tools for developing 2D or 3D games below.

  • Unity. This is the most popular tool. Unity speeds up development because it takes over physics, graphics, animation, and work with sound. The engine makes games for almost all platforms, which is very convenient;
  • The next tool is Construct 2. Simple interface, physics, and well-implemented character animation are the reasons to choose Construct 2 for the development of your game. This constructor makes multiplatform games, but is only suitable for developing 2D games;
  • Unreal Engine 4. It is a set of game development tools that has a wide range of possibilities, from creating 2D games for mobile to AAA projects for consoles. This engine was used in the development of games like Kingdom Hearts III. However, you should have a skill in creating games, as the platform is not suitable for beginners. 


Both 2D and 3D dimensions have their special advantages. 2D development is easier and doesn’t require special skills. At the same time, creating 3D games is more complex and requires a lot of competence, but it allows creating an amazing game. 

You should take preference in favor of the most suitable time and money option. Make your own choice!