The Abu’s Bazaar project was created to provide players with the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of an oriental bazaar and enjoy managing their own trading business.

“Abu’s Bazaar” is an exciting arcade game in which players go to a mysterious oriental-style bazaar owned by the incredible Abu. Players will have to complete tasks, collect exotic goods, interact with interesting characters, and unlock new levels for further discoveries.


  • Exotic Setting: Players are immersed in the colorful world of an oriental bazaar with all its beauty and mystery.
  • Tasks and Challenges: A variety of tasks and challenges that players must complete to get rewards and continue their adventure.
  • Improvement System: The ability to improve and develop your bazaar, expanding the range of products and improving service.
  • Cooperation with NPCs: Players interact with other characters, each with their own unique story and goods.
  • Leaderboards: Compete with other players and show your skills in running your own bazaar.