The Cheeky Cheshire project is being developed with the aim of creating a fun and impressive game that will give players the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of a fairy tale, solving various tasks and exploring the fairy tale world.

“Cheeky Cheshire is an immersive game that takes players to a fairy tale world where they can explore and interact with unique characters and environments. In the game, players are tasked with developing their character, solving puzzles, and participating in exciting fairy tale-style adventures.




  • Unique world: Players are immersed in a magical world of funny characters, mysteries and miracles.
  • Riddles and challenges: The game includes a variety of puzzles and challenges that the player must solve to continue the game.
  • Character personalization: Players have the opportunity to customize and develop their hero according to their preferences.
  • Exciting adventures: The game offers exciting scenarios and events that make each game unpredictable and interesting.

Cheeky Cheshire