The DeeJelly project is designed to provide players with a quality gaming experience by combining an exciting story and challenging gameplay.

“DeeJelly” is an exciting game that invites players to a world of incredible adventures with the charming hero DeeJelly. Players will go on a journey through fabulous locations where the main task is to help DeeJelly save the world from an evil spell and restore color and joy.



  • Fairy Tale World: The game offers a unique fairy-tale world with vivid locations, quirky characters, and exciting tasks.
  • Logic-based gameplay: Educational tasks and puzzles that require players to use logical thinking and ingenuity.
  • Interactivity: The ability to interact with the world around you, interact with other characters, and solve problems.
  • The process of character development: DeeJelly can acquire new skills and abilities that are unlocked at different levels of the game.