eJaw – Domino Games Case Study

Various game modes: “Domino Games” offers various game modes such as Classic Dominoes, Blindfolds, Blockade and others.

Game Overview

Domino Games is a feature-rich online multiplayer game that brings the classic domino board game experience to mobile devices. Developed by eJaw, a leading mobile game studio, it offers the following key features:

Game Modes

  • Classic domino modes like Draw, Block, Scoring and more
  • Innovative new modes like Blindfolds, Blockade, Terminator
  • Regularly updated with limited-time themed game modes

User Experience

  • Simple and intuitive touch controls optimized for mobile
  • Crisp graphics with customizable domino tile designs
  • Immersive audio with sound effects and music

Social Gameplay

  • Play against AI opponents of varying difficulties
  • Create private rooms to play exclusively with friends
  • Join public matchmaking rooms against random players worldwide
  • In-game voice and text chat
  • Leaderboards to track player stats and rankings


  • Free-to-play with optional ad support
  • In-app purchases for bonus currency and premium memberships
  • Ability to play for virtual currency or cash prizes

Case Development Steps

  1. Market Research – eJaw conducted extensive research into the mobile board/puzzle game market to identify opportunities. Dominoes represented an underserved yet extremely popular classic game genre.
  2. Product Definition – Key gameplay pillars like game modes, social features, monetization were defined upfront based on research into the domino game audience’s needs.
  3. Game Design – eJaw’s experienced game designers created an innovative twist on domino gameplay with new modes while retaining the authentic core experience.
  4. Development & Testing – Utilizing their expertise in mobile game development, eJaw’s engineering team built out and iteratively tested Domino Games across iOS and Android.
  5. Launch & Marketing – A focused marketing campaign promoted Domino Games’ launch across key mobile gaming channels and communities.
  6. Live Operations – A dedicated team continues to support the game post-launch with new content releases, live events, quality updates and more.


Mobile Controls – Adapting the precise gameplay of dominoes to intuitive touch controls on small screens posed design and UI challenges eJaw overcame.

Broad Appeal – While dominoes is a global classic, eJaw had to modernize the game experience to appeal to today’s mobile gamers across all skill levels.

Discoverability – The mobile gaming marketplace is oversaturated. Cutting through the noise to reach domino fans required focused user acquisition efforts.

Retention & Monetization – Keeping players engaged long-term while effectively monetizing the game through various revenue streams was an ongoing focus area.

Value for Clients

As a work-for-hire product, Domino Games exemplifies the value eJaw can deliver to potential clients:

Proven Game Design – A polished and engaging product that has attracted millions of players by modernizing a classic game experience for mobile.

Monetization Expertise – Multiple revenue streams through IAPs, ads and cash tournaments customizable for each client’s needs.

Live Operations – Consistent updates and content releases ensure long-term engagement, retention and revenue opportunities.

Social Community – Player community building features that foster a loyal and sticky user base around the game.

By leveraging their mobile game development capabilities, eJaw has created a successful turnkey domino game framework that can be easily adapted and deployed for any client’s IP or brand. Domino Games stands as a shining example of the caliber of work they can provide across any board/card/casual game genre.