“Dragon Fruit” is a card game for 1-4 players where everyone strives to grow the best garden of exotic fruits. You’ll have to choose your Dragon Fruit numbers wisely, grow trees strategically, harvest seedlings, and vie for high bonuses while remaining wary of spiky seeds that can bring losses.

“Dragon Fruit” is a project that provides players with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the strategic world of growing exotic fruits. Designed for 1-4 participants, the project promises exciting decisions, intriguing mechanics, and competition for the best fruit garden.




  • Strategic Growing: Players select and simultaneously play cards with Dragon Fruit numbers, determining the order of turn in the round. Strategic tree growing and sapling harvesting adds depth to the game’s decision-making.
  • Card Mechanics: Card-based gameplay where each turn has an impact on the development of the garden and interaction with other players.
  • Game Ending: The game ends when any player plays their last card or runs out of seedlings. Game completion is accompanied by a tally of points for tall trees and penalties for remaining seedlings in hand.