The Ego Draconis project is designed as an innovative game that combines unique gameplay, impressive graphics, and a fascinating fantasy world. The developers have worked to create a gaming experience that fits the interests of fans of role-playing games and action games.


“Ego Draconis” is an epic fantasy game set in the world of sorceresses, dragons and heroes. Players find themselves in a unique immersive world where adventures, battles, and mysterious tasks await them. The protagonist faces dark forces, learns his own abilities, and tries to become a real legendary hero.




  • Huge Open World: Players can explore a vast open world filled with a variety of locations, from dark forests to high mountains and mystical caves.
  • Story and Quests: A deep storyline and a variety of quests make the game exciting and interesting for players.
  • Dragons and Magic: Interact with dragons, master magical skills, and experiment with special abilities.
  • Combat System: An exciting combat system that allows players to use a variety of weapons, skills, and tactics to win enemy battles.