Frankie Holiday is designed to recreate the atmosphere of the rock and roll era and take players on an exciting journey back in time. The developers aim to provide users with the highest level of gaming pleasure and give them a nostalgic experience.

“Frankie Holiday is an exciting video slot that takes players to the retro atmosphere of the 1950s and 60s. Players will have the opportunity to enjoy vivid graphic effects, exciting gameplay and an authentic soundtrack that makes the game unforgettable.



  • Retro design: The game is designed in a retro style, taking into account the characteristic atmosphere of those times.
  • Bonus rounds: “Frankie Holiday has a variety of bonus rounds that can include free spins, a win multiplier, and other interesting features.
  • Music: The authentic soundtrack creates a unique mood and complements the overall gaming experience.
  • Special symbols: Players can find special symbols that activate unique features and functions of the game.

Frankie Holiday