Fur Fight is a real-time multiplayer action game developed by EJaw and Team Red Panda, two game development companies. Available on iOS and Android platforms, the game has gained immense popularity among modern players and continues to attract more users every day.


Fur Fight is a multiplayer arena game that pits four players against each other in quick battles lasting several minutes. EJaw and Team Red Panda invested their efforts, knowledge, and time to create a game that would make a significant impact in the gaming industry.


  1. Before the jungle battle begins, players choose one of the available characters to fight against bots or real opponents.
  2. The objective is to score as many kills as possible within the allotted time to emerge victorious.
  3. The game features simple controls, with a joystick for character movement and two attack buttons, making it accessible for beginners.
  4. Emerging crates contain random bonuses, such as first aid kits, double damage, and more, adding an element of surprise.
  5. Players can customize their characters’ appearance, weapon skins, and purchase different hats.


Developing a successful multiplayer game like Fur Fight presented several challenges, including:

  1. Creating smooth and glitch-free gameplay across multiple platforms.
  2. Designing an intuitive user interface and easy-to-learn controls.
  3. Developing addictive and visually appealing characters and environments.
  4. Crafting an engaging story and implementing challenging gameplay elements.


The key features that make Fur Fight an attractive and valuable game for players are:

  • Smooth and clear gameplay
  • Straightforward interface and easy controls
  • Addictive and funny characters
  • Pleasant jungle environment
  • Interesting story and challenges.

With the powerful Unity engine, EJaw and Team Red Panda were able to create an amazing game like Fur Fight. The cute and eye-catching gameplay, addictive storyline, and challenging elements have propelled Fur Fight to the top of the popularity charts. The smooth gameplay, glitch-free deployment, and pleasant visual effects have contributed to the game’s success.

About Team Red Panda: Team Red Panda is an indie game development company based in Slovenia. Since 2016, they have developed dozens of 3D mobile games, gaining valuable experience in the industry. Their well-reputed experts and creative ideas enabled EJaw to create the successful Fur Fight project, which brought substantial income to their client.

Team Red Panda specializes in developing amazing multiplayer games for iOS and Android platforms, helping companies rise in popularity. Each team member has a well-respected portfolio and endless creativity. Over the past five years, the company has built an amazing gaming community and ensured that each project is special for players.