Game Description

Return of the Queen – adventures await you! What can gnomes and harpies have in common? At first it seems that nothing, but this is far from the truth. The harpy queen and the gnome are old friends. They first met on the Steep Banks when the dwarf’s ship was shipwrecked. The harpy queen helped the dwarf and the rest of the crew get to land, and they became best friends.

They don’t see each other often, but they write letters to each other regularly. Usually these are friendly letters about fun holidays in their kingdoms, the first snow, their nephew’s birthday, or the construction of a new city. However, this letter is completely different from the previous ones.

Key features of the game

  • An extraordinary magical world where magic uses ancient gardens as a source.
  • An optimistic story, colorful comics, and unforgettable characters.
  • Many different tasks that the princess has not yet encountered.
  • More than 40 unique levels.
  • Unusual enemies: cruel sharks, giant hedgehogs, ifrites and… a kraken.
  • 4 unique locations: Underwater Kingdom, Magic Monastery, Kingdom of Harpies and Troll Caves.
  • Useful bonuses: speeding up work, stopping time, fast running.
  • Easy to use and clear tutorial.
  • More than 20 hours of exciting games for all ages.
  • Nice theme music.