The Influencer project was created to provide players with the opportunity to experience the complexity and excitement of becoming an influencer in the world of social media. The developers have taken into account current trends and features of virtual interaction to provide realistic gameplay.

“Influencer” is a modern simulation game in which the player plays the role of an aspiring influencer building his way to fame on social media. The player has the opportunity to manage his personal brand, publish content, gain followers, and interact with other influencers.




  • Brand building: Players create and develop their own brand, defining the style of content and strategies for interacting with the audience.
  • Cooperation and Competitions: The player can interact with other players, make joint projects and participate in influencer contests.
  • Career Development: Increase your popularity, attract advertisers and build your career in the online industry.
  • Social Interaction: Participate in virtual events, communicate with followers, and track reactions to your content.