“Shark Go” is a creative project that offers a fresh take on a traditional card game. Mixing a fun shark theme with elements of addictive gameplay, the game is designed to diversify family nights and entertainment while traveling.

“Shark Go” is a unique variation of the classic card game “Go Fish”, presented as a bright and exciting slot game. The game features bright and bold illustrations of various shark species, creating hours of family fun. Packaged in a sturdy box, “Shark Go!” – is the perfect game for traveling.




  • Unique Theme: The game features a unique twist on the classic “Go Fish” game, replacing the usual cards with colorful illustrations of sharks.
  • Game Goal: Collect and combine the shark cards featured in the game to achieve victory.
  • Travel Packaging: The game comes in a sturdy box, making it perfect for playing on the road.
  • Instructions Included: Complete and clear instructions are included for players’ convenience.
  • Eco-friendly Packaging: Over 90% of the packaging materials are recycled. Printed using non-toxic, soy-based inks.
  • Product Safety: All Mudpuppy products meet CPSIA, ASTM and CE safety standards.