SpaceJunk Rumble by eJaw – Case Study

SpaceJunk Rumble is a mobile 3D space shooter with an emphasis on PvP battles. The game was developed with our best specialists, introduced the best arcade game features and real boom. The game with simple controls and a user-friendly interface attracts people from first sight. Closed beta has already shown us positive statistics for players and what features are the most important for them. Thanks to the powerful Unity engine, our team of dedicated experts is able to meet the expectations of potential players and impress them with dynamic gameplay and incredible performance. 


SpaceJunk Rumble is an action-packed 3D space shooter for mobile focused on frenetic player-vs-player (PvP) combat. Developed by eJaw’s veteran team, the game delivers an arcade experience that taps into the enduring appeal of classic shoot-em-up gameplay with modern mobile multiplayer.

Key Features:

  • Online Multiplayer – Thousands of real players battling concurrently across dynamic galactic environments
  • Ship Variety – Dozens of unique, customizable spacecraft to form powerful squadrons
  • Casual Controls – Simple tap/swipe controls keep the action frantic yet intuitive
  • Arcade Progression – Trophy/star system provides constant rewards and status progression
  • Stunning Visuals – Powered by Unity for impressive 3D graphics, animations, and effects

Development Approach

eJaw followed their proven game development process for SpaceJunk Rumble:

  1. Concept Prototype – Initial prototyping identified core gameplay pillars like controls, combat feel, progression hooks.
  2. Vertical Slice – A complete level was built to validate the full vision with polished art, UI, and online multiplayer integrated.
  3. Full Production -With vertical slice approval, the eJaw team ramped up production across all disciplines like art, engineering, design.
  4. Live Ops Planning – In parallel, live service plans, progression systems, events roadmaps, and monetization strategies were mapped out.
  5. Closed Beta – A focused beta preceded launch to test server loads, collect feedback, and identify issues to address.
  6. Launch Marketing – Robust marketing campaigns drove awareness and downloads at the global launch across app stores.
  7. Live Support – Post-launch, eJaw’s live operations team continues supporting and updating the experience.

Key Challenges

Multiplayer Netcode – Developing complex online systems for reliable real-time multiplayer across mobile networks.

Scaling Assets – Optimizing detailed 3D ships/assets to run well on a wide range of mobile hardware specs.

Engagement Loops – Crafting compelling progression motivators and reward schedules to drive long-term retention.

Competitive Differentiation – Establishing a unique multiplayer shooter experience to stand out in the crowded genre.

Providing Unmatched Value

For mobile game publishers, SpaceJunk Rumble showcases eJaw’s full-service development capabilities:

Premium Production Quality – AAA caliber graphics, design and engineering execution across all aspects.

Proven Multiplayer Expertise – Extensive online experience from server backend to netcode integrations.

Engaging Game Loops – Best-in-class free-to-play design and live services to maximize retention/monetization.

Established Process – Professional pipeline from prototype to launch across all production disciplines.

With SpaceJunk Rumble’s skill-based multiplayer gameplay, rewarding progression systems, and stunning space visuals, eJaw has once again delivered a rich, high-quality mobile gaming experience that exemplifies their passion for excellence. The game stands poised to captivate players for years through future updates and live events.