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EJAW is a software development and art creation agency that delivers services to game developers, media companies, and other organizations alike around the world since 2011.

Working on a revolutionary mobile game or app?

We can help you achieve this! Our user-centered design approach and experience in mobile app development enable us to create business products with gamified experiences and groundbreaking user engagement.

Feel free to get in touch with us any time by email or phone, and we’ll turn your good ideas into brilliant projects. We will always provide you with a non-disclosure agreement to give you complete peace of mind.

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10+ Years experience
Since inception in 2011, we take pride in delivering incredible games, leveraging the talent of highly creative professionals.
100+ Projects
We produced more than 100 games for different platforms in different genres released.
100+ Employees
We unite up to more than 100 professionals in all major game development spheres.
We excel in various areas, serving the needs of gaming companies and game developer companies. Our expertise lies in developing native mobile games and apps, as well as creating cross-platform hybrid apps. In addition, we have a strong background in responsive websites, web apps, and server APIs, making us the ideal choice for game developers and game companies seeking top-tier development services.
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  • VR & AR Games
Game Art Outsourcing
  • 2D Art
  • 3D Art
  • Animation & VFX
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Game Performance Service
  • Mobile Video Ads
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200+ Mobile Games & Apps developed
Educational Mobile Games
Peter Colebatch

We worked with Andrei and the team over a long period on a fairly large scale project.

We decided to take a very uncommon approach to app development, and the team did an amazing job adapting and learning to deal with this style of working and code.

We’re thrilled with the outcome and can truly recommend Fan Studio! Great job, guys!

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Strike Force Troopers is a top-down shooter and action game, which allows a player to become the commander of a squad of soldiers performing various tasks. The game is very dynamic, exciting, and the gameplay attracts players from the first time. The control is straightforward, even an inexperienced user can figure it out. Strike Force […]
android game development
Dance! The Rhythm Game – is a free to play rhythmgame which features two modes, Dance Story andSocial Hub where you can gather with your friendsand play online.
Victory Belles is a browser-mobile RPG game dedicated to the battles of ships of the Second World War that is developing with the help of EJAW and Black Chicken Studios. The game is currently under development, introducing the best features and smooth gameplay. We develop Victory Belles with powerful Unity software, because it allows us […]
Gnomes Garden is a strategy time-management mobile game that was created with the help of the EJAW game development company. The game is available for iOS and Android that gives people the opportunity to play from any mobile device. Gnomes Garden is based on an interesting fairytale and the essence of the game is to […]
Fur Fight is a real-time multiplayer action game created with EJaw and Team Red Panda game development companies. Available for two platforms, iOS and Android, the Fur Fight game is highly popular among modern players and attracts more and more people every day. This game is a multiplayer arena for four players with quick battles […]
work models
Fixed price
Are you looking at a hiring model that provides clean terms and prices? Well, at EJAW, we are ready to streamline project workflow, making it easygoing. By hiring our fixed-price development team, you would mellifluous your business task and never stumble upon pitfalls.
Dedicated team
Hiring our dedicated team for a long-term partnership is the best choice for both startups and well-established companies. We can assemble a team of true professionals to achieve your business goals. Thanks to our top-notch approaches to the development process, you can focus on more high-level business issues.
Are you looking for strong partnerships? Our experts are always ready to allocate their resources to work with your existing team. EJAW offers our partners a deep understanding of efficient collaborations and building trustworthy relationships. We are capable of delivering great co-development solutions, meeting other minds, as well as sharing our experiences and valuable skills.
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We develop native mobile games & apps as well as cross-platform, hybrid apps. Our team has experience with responsive websites, web apps and server APIs.
It is impossible to describe the extensive experience of our Unity developers. We can turn your business ideas into successful industry-leading projects using all features of Unity and taking advantage of our endless creativity and top-notch skills.
With years of experience in Unreal Engine software development, we make use of its possibilities to the fullest to create stunning games of any complexity. Whether you are looking for creating a successful game from scratch or boosting the development process, our advanced UE developers would make everything possible to satisfy your needs.
With our advanced HTML5, JavaScript, and PixiJS web development team, EJAW can take on business projects or challenges of any size and complexity, delivering great results. Whether you need websites, web applications, or website design, our team is always focused on your success.
Our team is passionate about developing highly-scalable and efficient solutions for websites, web applications, web portals, e-commerce, and enterprise using PHP and Goland.
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Having all information to decide on product structure and features are critical. That is why we start with business goals, user interviews and competitor analysis. The result is a document with wireframes, behaviour description.
Guided by the concept document, the team produces detailed design and behaviour of each feature, code, art, music and other elements of the interactive product. Iterative, agile workflow and continuous testing improve initial assumptions.
Our app developers continue their work after the global release. Through cycles of user acquisition and data analysis, we optimize product performance. Regular content updates are released to improve user retention.

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