Novels is a project that offers a unique gaming experience in the genre of visual novels. The player can enjoy exciting romantic stories where his decisions determine the further development of events. Each player becomes the scriptwriter of their own interactive story, and the ending depends on their own choices.


Novels is a unique representative of the visual novel genre. Playing for free, you will not only delve into the world of exciting romantic stories, but also fully feel like a participant in the events: your decisions can radically change the course of the plot, and the fate of the hero depends on your choices. In Novels, you write your own interactive story, and only you decide what the ending of the novel will be!


  • A unique genre of visual novels.
  • Possibility of free play.
  • Deep romantic stories.
  • Interactivity and the influence of the player on the development of the story.
  • Various options for the ending, depending on the player’s decisions.